Top 3 Software Companies in Bangalore


Bangalore, sometimes known as India’s Silicon Valley, is a booming centre for software and technology businesses. Its reputation in the software development and IT services industry has been established by the presence of a large number of well-known national and international firms, start-ups, and research institutions. 

These businesses provide a major contribution to the software and IT export market in India. It is well-known for India’s IT sector. Eighty percent of IT companies are based in Bangalore since the city offers the greatest infrastructure benefits and tax breaks for software and IT companies.

In this blog, we have provided a list of the top 3 software companies in Bangalore. 

Google India Private Ltd.

Industry: Information Technology| Software

The primary focus of Google, a well-known international technology business, is web-based search and display advertising tools, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Google specialises in Internet-related products and services. Google offers global customer support. Google is regarded as one of the coolest workplaces and is where it all begins and finishes with the people. While working at Google, employees are entitled to several enjoyable activities and perks. Google management believes that creative ideas can only come from a calm mind. 

In order to thank its staff for their innovative success story, Google hosts “bureaucracy buster” days when staff members can suggest modifications to be considered for policy. Google also sponsors employee resource groups like Women@Google and provides academic scholarships to aspiring tech leaders. That is undoubtedly the reason Google has consistently been ranked as the greatest place to work.

SAP Labs India Private Ltd

Industry: Information Technology| Services

One of the top software firms in Bangalore, SAP Labs India Private Ltd is a global brand that has achieved remarkable progress in terms of employee satisfaction and engagement. SAP provides services and business software tools to companies of all sizes across more than 25 sectors. The corporation employs more than 48,500 individuals in more than 50 countries through its subsidiaries. SAP software is being used by over 89,000 businesses across more than 120 countries. 

SAP Labs makes numerous efforts to maintain strong staff enthusiasm. SAP offers over thirty interest groups, all of which oversee certain enjoyable activities to encourage staff members to follow their own interests. Are you aware of the idea of “Breakfast with Bosses,” wherein workers get to eat with managers and senior management on the first day of the meal? Every day, SAP workers are privileged to take part in this dynamic experience.

Intuit Technology Services

Industry: Information Technology| Services

With the help of Intuit, a worldwide technological platform, communities and customers may overcome their biggest financial obstacles. Through its products, which include Mint, Credit Karma, TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp, the company enables over 100 million people, small businesses, and independent contractors worldwide to prosper. One of the greatest places to work in India is Intuit because it fosters a culture of appreciation and inspiration among its staff members. 

With a focus on fostering a high level of employee engagement within the company, Intuit has made it possible for employees to grow, learn, and expand their personal and professional horizons by facilitating a smooth transition between work and home life. In addition to consistent rewards and benefits, Intuit management has adopted a few employee-friendly strategies. After taking a career hiatus, the company allows women technologists to return. to create a collaborative environment that enables them to give their utmost every day and to develop the next generation of leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the number of IT companies in Bangalore?

Bangalore claims to be the largest IT hub in India, with 67,000 registered IT companies.

2. In Bangalore, which is the biggest software company?

These are Bangalore’s top five software companies.

  • Google
  • SAP Labs India
  • Amazon
  • Intuit
  • Infosys

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