Top 3 Jobs for Better Work-Life Balance


While there may not be a single “best” job for work-life balance, many sectors and professions do provide greater flexibility than others. 

Millions of employee comments were examined in a Glassdoor Economic Research study from March 2020 to September 2021 on the job-seeking platform. The survey not only determined a list of the best-rated businesses in terms of work-life balance, but it also determined the top three industries in terms of employee reviews of work-life balance:

  • Tech 
  • Design
  • Real estate 

Since they offered creative work-life balancing initiatives including flexible work hours, unlimited paid time off, and remote work options, employees in each of these sectors gave these industries very high rankings for work-life balance. 

The list below considers these insights and includes the top 3 occupations in the aforementioned fields:

Data Analyst

Data analysts help businesses and organisations in making educated decisions by gathering, cleaning, analysing, and modelling data. Their work is done in a variety of industries, including government, banking, commerce, and medicine.

The work of a data scientist, who often designs original experiments involving data and asks deeper questions about it, is similar to but separate from that of a data analyst. Although a master’s degree is probably required to become a data scientist, you can begin your career as a data analyst by taking formal courses in this discipline in college, building your own skills, or gaining a certificate or certification.

The job of a data analyst can be appealing to people who enjoy working with statistics and are seeking a position that can probably be done remotely because it involves computers and is heavily data-heavy.

UX or UI Designer

From a user experience perspective, user experience (UX) designers supervise every facet of a product’s design. Meanwhile, designers of user interfaces (UI) create every screen that a user sees when using an app, website, virtual menu, or video game. 

Developing a portfolio of work to showcase your skills is typically a requirement for becoming a UX or UI designer. There are several methods to acquire or hone these skills: via a certificate programme, via flexible online courses, or with a college degree in a related profession.

Those who enjoy creative subjects with a practical, research-oriented perspective are likely to find job opportunities as UX or UI designers appealing. Additionally, a lot of UX and UI design work can be done remotely, making it a position that is conducive to working from home. 

Real Estate Agent

Realtors assist customers in the purchase, sale, and rental of real estate. Real estate agents usually get to choose their own work schedules in addition to spending a large number of their working days at properties rather than in an office.

You will probably need to obtain a state license and at least a high school degree in order to work as a real estate agent. You will probably need to enrol in community or four-year college real estate courses before receiving your license.

Those who prefer customer-facing sales positions where they can choose their own hours may find being a real estate agent appealing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the happiest degree?

A 2022 ZipRecruiter survey found that those who studied computer and information sciences, engineering, or psychology were the happiest with their academic choice.

2. Which career has the best benefits?

Based on a recent survey by Glassdoor, the finest employee benefits are generally found in the financial and tech sectors. According to the survey, the industries with the weakest average benefits are retail and food services.

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