8 Games Every Programmer Should PLay


8 Games if you are a Programmer, you must play👇

1) Codingame: Coding puzzles & challenges to enhance coding skills (https://www.codingame.com/)

2) Flexbox Froggy: Learn CSS Flexbox by coding frog movements (https://flexboxfroggy.com/)

3) Flexbox Defense: Position towers in a defense game using Flexbox (http://www.flexboxdefense.com/)

4) CSS Grid Garden: Learn CSS Grid by coding to water a garden (https://cssgridgarden.com/)

5) CodeCombat: Game-based learning platform to teach coding (Python, JavaScript, etc.) (https://codecombat.com/)

6) Scratch: Free coding platform for kids to create animations and games (https://scratch.mit.edu/)

7) Tynker: Coding platform for kids (ages 5-18) with gamified courses (https://www.tynker.com/)

8) CheckiO: Coding challenges for beginners & advanced programmers (Python & TypeScript) (https://checkio.org/)